AC Adapters for Scales

Get the power you need with our selection of AC adapters for scales. We have options that will match all of the most powerful scales on the market, so you never have to worry about your equipment. With powerful functionality and proven reliability, you will always have the ability to make quick and easy measurements without fail. Shop from our great selection and find the best prices on the products you need, so you can make replacements without the stress.

AC adapters for scales are one of the most commonly broken items in the world of scales. While a high-quality scale can last for years and perform reliably every day, the unit that provides its power is not always so tough. If your adapter wears down over time or breaks, you can have an expensive machine sitting around accomplishing nothing. We know how frustrating that can be, which is why we have made it our mission to provide high-quality adapters so you can make replacements quickly and easily.

We sell the largest selection of cutting edge scales to people across the nation. Finding a matching AC adapter for scales can be difficult, so we have matching equipment for the most popular scales, making your shopping painless. Find an adapter that will suit the needs of your scale so you can get back to weighing in no time!

We can help you find the best equipment to match your scales so you can spend less time hunting for a replacement and more time accomplishing tasks. Contact our support today and get assistance with your order. With years of experience providing high-quality equipment, we can make the process quick and easy!
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Healthometer Power Adapter ADPT30

This Healthometer Power Adapter ADPT30 is the AC power supply for Health O Meter Scale 553KL.

Healthometer Power Adapter ADPT40

This Healthometer Power Adapter ADPT40 AC adapter works with the Health O Meter 349KLX Scale.

Healthometer Power Adapter ADPT50

This Healthometer Power Adapter ADPT50 AC power adapter is used with the Healthometer 752KL medical scale.

AND TB:662 AC Adapter

AND TB:662 AC Adapter for the following units: EJ, EK-i, EW-i, HC-i, HD, FG-K, HL-i, HL-WP, HT, HV-GL, HW-GL, SF, SG, SJ-HS, SK, SK-WP, AD-4328, AD-4406, AD-4329