If you’re looking to get the most out of your scale, you should definitely browse our selection of scale indicators and printers. The indicators are ideal for bench and floor scale use and provide an LCD backlight that is easy to read and operate. Our scale printers are perfect for any business that prints receipts from the data used from a scale. We offer many different products of this type, all from the best brands you know and trust!

Our selection includes reliable choices from top brands like Ohaus, A&D, Doran, Adam Equipment, MSI, Brecknell, CAS, Detecto, and several others. Our scale indicators will show you the accurate results you get from your scales. Results can be displayed in several different units like kilograms, grams, pounds, and ounces. Indicators are battery powered, easy to set up on any scale, and made from rugged construction that functions well in any working conditions. Our indicators can provide multiple different connectivity options, functions, and are made with new software that you will enjoy using. The interface is fun to work with, and you can easily take note of the results you get at any time. We have many different indicators that are deemed legal for trade. No matter how you use your scale, whether for personal use to keep track of your weight, or for business to ensure your product meets quality assurance, the indicators will help get the job done.

We also carry scale printers that are easy to use, set up, and they’re small enough where you can transport them anywhere you go. These run on batteries, but still provide long lasting battery life that you can count on. If your business relies on printing small receipts to go with different weigh ins or measurements, this is the perfect product for you. Our printers will print quickly, and make it easy to read. They’re lightweight, mobile, and can be extremely beneficial.

Whether you’re looking to purchase one of our scale indicators or a printer, we recommend browsing all of our options. Our extensive selection is larger than any you’ll find, and everything is priced to sell. Our team is committed to providing exceptional customer service. Here at Scalesonline, you will receive a customer experience unlike any other. See for yourself by purchasing from our spectacular collection!

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Intercomp TL6000 Indicators - 150138

Model 150138 is a tandem display remote control 868 MHz (Wireless)

Yamato DPI-320 Indicator

The Yamato DPI-320 Indicator combination of a rugged splash-proof stainless steel design, high visibility fluorescent tube display and stable accurate electronics, makes the DPI-320 a great choice for industrial and food processing applications.

CAS RW-2601P Indicator

To be used with CAS RW-P Series Wheel Weighers