Ever since they began in 1840, Seca has been the leader in innovative technology aimed at improving the medical field. With an attention to exceptional performance and continuous implementation of cutting-edge technology, they continue to make helpful contributions to a varied scope of settings, including clinics, offices, rehabilitation centers, and fitness studios. Featuring top-of-the-line technology for a reliable reading, Seca scales offer superior performance and long-lasting durability.

We offer a range of products encompassing Seca scales and related accessories, including bariatric scales, pediatric scales, measuring rods, and a host of other options. All of the Seca scales we proudly offer have been manufactured for ease of use while attaining an accurate reading. With such helpful design aspects as high weight capacities up to 800 pounds, user-friendly controls, backlit display screens for increased readability, and abilities to meet the needs of patients in wheelchairs without sacrificing any accuracy, these Seca scales are able to accommodate a diverse range of patients, from infants to bedridden patients. Every scale offered displays the exceptional quality and performance professionals have come to expect from this manufacturer. Whether looking for a measuring tape for accurate measurements of waist-to-hip ratios, a portable stadiometer ideal for healthcare workers on the move, or an electronic scale with standing assistance, we offer a range of exceptional products from this reputable brand.

Our mission has always been to bring you the best options available for you needs at affordable prices. We offer price matching on our competitor’s prices to ensure you always get the best deal. With our diverse inventory and easy-to-use ordering systems, shopping for high-quality scales and accessories has never been easier. With fast shipping and friendly customer service representatives, we aim to offer outstanding customer service. Whether shopping for your medical practice or an academic laboratory, our exceptional scales feature superior performance for a range of settings. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about any of the items shown or to assist you in any way during your search for affordable scales. Call or order online today!

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Seca 212 Measuring Tape

With this measuring tape of non-stretch Teflon synthetic material one can measure the head circumference.

Seca 213 Stadiometer

The Seca 213 is specifically designed for mobile use. Perfect for health workers on the move, this portable stadiometer can be used to measure children and teenagers in the course of medical examinations in schools. It is also ideal for doctor’s surgeries and hospitals specializing in child and adolescent medicine. Furthermore, the Seca 213 is suitable for measuring patients lying down. Once taken apart, the stadiometer is easy to transport anywhere.

Seca 216 Accu-Hite

From its built-in leveling bubble to its handsome design, the Seca Accu-Hite has long been the stadiometer of choice. The headpiece comes with a lock knob for measurement accuracy and safety.

Seca 217 Stadiometer

The mobile stadiometer seca 217 is distinguished by its especially top-quality materialss

Seca 220 Telescopic Measuring Rod (Centimeters)

This telescopic measuring rod can be fitted at any time to many Seca column scales. It has the same convenient eye-level read out even for taller patients.

Seca 220 Telescopic Measuring Rod (Inches & Centimeters)

This telescopic measuring rod can be fitted at any time to many Seca column scales. It has the same convenient eye-level read out even for taller patients.

Seca 224 Side Mounted Telescopic Attachable Height Rod

This telescopic measuring rod can be fitted to the seca 755 or 786 Scale. Scale not included, this item is the measuring rod only.

Seca 232 Attachable Measuring Rod for 334 Baby Scale

Attachable Measuring Rod for 334 Baby Scale Measuring Range: 14-32" / 35-80 cm Graduations: 1/8" / 1 mm Measuring rod only, scale NOT included.

Seca 334 Digital baby scale w/ handle

The seca 334 stands for the greatest safety and reliability when weighing babies. Although its weighing tray is designed to be far more generous & comfortable than other models, at only 3 kg it requires amazingly little space.

Seca 354 Digital Baby Scale

With their dual function, these baby scales are a small sensation: at the touch of a button, the tray can be detached quickly and easily from the base leaving you with a robust floor scale for children weighing up to 44 lbs.

Seca 4000000009 AC adapter

Seca 4000000009 AC adapter for 703/769/869/954/334/374 scales

Seca 413 Carry Case for 354 and 383

With this case, baby scales seca 354 can be transported comfortably and safely.

Seca 416 Baby Board - Centimeters 4161721009

The completely novel shape of the infantometer makes it quick and easy to measure not only babies but also infants up to two years old.

Seca 416 Baby Board - Inches 4161821009

The completely novel shape of the infantometer makes it quick and easy to measure not only babies but also infants up to two years old.

Seca 417 Portable Infantometer

The seca 417 measuring board is the mobile alternative to the seca 416 infantometer.

Seca 421 Carrying Case

With this transport case of water-repellent material, the following seca scales can be safely transported: seca 882, seca 770, seca 841, seca 840, seca 762, seca 760.

Seca 634 Bariatric Floor Scale

The Seca 634 electronic platform scale / bariatric scale is specially designed for weighing very heavy patients. The large 800 pound ( 360 kg) capacity and the 24 x 24 inch large platform offer a solid base.

Seca 644 electronic scale w/ standing assistance

The seca 644 is Equipped with a high capacity and a stable design, this multifunctional scale enables supported weighing while standing.

Seca 656 Platform Scale for Gurneys or Stretchers

Platform scale for gurneys or stretchers - 800 lb capacity

Seca 674 electronic platform scale w/ high capacity

The seca model 674 is an electronic platform scale with high capacity, can be transported on casters.

Seca 676 wheelchair scale with handrail

Stable, functional and mobile: thanks to its generously sized platform and the robust railing, the seca 676 is ideal for diverse uses.

Seca 684 Multifunctional scale

Safe weighing while standing, sitting or in a wheelchair – without having to be converted: when standing the patient is supported by a stable hand rail, when sitting by an integrated folding seat and in a wheelchair by a large platform (80 x 85 cm).